Our Vision

Our Vision is to create an experience that goes beyond the fabric. Each Garment will tell a story that will uplift the status, solidify the aspirations, and elevate the self confidence of anyone who drapes it on.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to use our knowledge of fashion and design, combined with each Clients Unique sense of style to create a final product that not only looks good but "Just Phils Right".

"A Passion For Fashion..."

Philip A. Adesulu Jr

Owner and Head men’s style consultant Philip Adesulu is originally from Dallas but has lived in the Houston area since 2002. He has been in the fashion business since 2012 and has "always had a passion for fashion" but, He didn’t take it seriously until a family friend asked to help style him for his upcoming birthday. The gratification that he got from helping his freind gave him the idea that this could be a possible profession. He began to use social media to help get his name out and received a lot of notoriety, which confirmed his decision. "My true passion is Suiting, helping the average man that doesn’t take the extra time to focus on what they put on or simply doesn’t have the time nor knowledge to execute their vision on how they want to look."